Nairobi County Maize Report January – March 2023


Is there Maize Demand in Kenya? Yes! about 3.9 million MTs is what is required for Kenya’s consumption.

How come we cannot find any maize in Nairobi?  Maize queries from both buyers and sellers have been our most frequently asked questions.  We have compiled a very well researched, and business focused maize report.  That will help traders make more informed business decisions.  Such as where are the profitable business opportunities within Kenya’s counties.  What is the size of the maize business opportunity in Kenya Shillings and US Dollars? What is the most profitable county to sell the maize? What profit should one expect from a 28MTs container or trailer of maize?  Where else should a trader sell the maize besides Nairobi? What are the profit margins in Out-Of-County trades especially for a 28MTs of maize? How much should I sell my maize? Are there risks traders and farmers should be aware of? What about fluctuation of Maize Market Prices?

We have extensively studied maize market demands and supplies, against prevailing market prices.  Using our experience as traders, we have also factored in the various logistical costs to better advise you on what profit a trader can make on a 28MTs container or trailer of maize. There are counties where it is more profitable to sell the maize within that county than selling across other counties.



Why Should I Buy The Report?  We have removed the guess work of where to sell the maize, by providing you with a list of large buyers,  We have calculated for you the profit margins for 28MTs of maize in the most profitable counties.  As well as listed the business opportunity values in both Kenya Shillings  and United States Dollars when selling within the county and across counties, both in tables and charts.  We provided guidance on how much to sell your maize, and caution you on risks and mistakes to avoid.  The monetary value of risks eliminated far out weights the highly subsided price of the report.  Kindly note the report is strictly available online.  Kindly observe the authors copywrite.

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